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As a marketing lover, he is one of the co-founder of Ideagency. To get on well with him, offer him a coffee in front of "Le Dîner de Cons"



Kilimandjaro's guru. Nerd? Athletic? That's the question. But if you start speaking about MPG and about Lyon, you've conquered him.

Designer UI/UX


Kilimandjaro's Designer. Mexican on the passport, world citizen in the heart. She comes from a graphic educational background. Her passion for cognitive sciences led her to the special field of User Experience.

Dev. Front-End


In charged of Kilimandjaro's improvements. He's been playing basketball for 16 years. You'll probably see him on a basketball court every Saturday nights.

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Our team created Kilimanjaro for you!


Gorgeous design for the web, light for mobile.


A template conceived for marketing teams who have to build and launch at the speed of light

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