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What is Kilimandjaro ?


Kilimandjaro is an all inclusive Website Package designed for HubSpot users to get a great website experience that is really easy-to-use and focused on conversion.

What's included in this template ?

  • 2 headers
  • 51 templates with helper text
    • 1 generic template (flexible)
    • 6 pre-built templates : Homepage, About us, Team, Project List, Project Item
    • 7 templates with column system : 1 column, 2 columns and 3 columns
    • 2 templates for Landing pages (fixed and flexible)
    • 3 email templates : newsletter, blog post promotion, offer promotion
    • 2 templates for Blog Listing (List or Grid)
    • 1 template for Blog Post
    • All system template : search, unsubscribe, 404, 500, subscription preferences, update confirmation
  • 42 customized modules
  • Color & Style Customization Options in 1 CSS stylesheet

The best customer service

Kilimandjaro has been developed by Ideagency's team with 💙 and a lot of ☕. Enjoy!


Good to know!

Kilimandjaro just opened the KiliAcademy platform, entirely dedicated to special trainings. In this page, you’ll find a wide range of tutorials that will help you find all responses to your doubts, regarding the conception of your website... 

  • How can I add or change a module ?
  • Is it possible to change the main colors of the template ?

2 hours included in your purchase

By purchasing Kilimandjaro, a package of 2 hours of customer support, completely free of charge is included! 

If need be, you can directly contact our great team that will guide and provide you the best advice. We are available round-the-clock, and we’re happy to help you! 

  • UI/UX design issues
  • Respect of the graphic charter
  • Development issues


If you need special advice about UX/UI issues, you can directly contact our fabulous designer Evaluz LUNA who will be pleased to guide you! 

On the left sidebar, in thecontent section”, just click onAdd a New Module” and write the name of the one you’d like or choose one among the list. Then, it will be automatically included in your template. Since then, you can move it wherever you want!