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πŸ† #1 HubSpot Impact Award Winner ! πŸ†

Template used by the winner of the HubSpot Impact Awards 2020 - Best Website Design in EMEA.

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πŸ’¨ Only 3 weeks to put a complete site online πŸ’¨

An intern redesigned a website on the HubSpot CMS in less than 3 weeks with the Kilimanjaro template pack !

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πŸš€ X2 productivity πŸš€

The company EASYRECRUE doubled its productivity thanks to the Kilimandjaro template pack.

"My goal was to spend less time dealing with issues on the site and more time on lead generation. Now, I barely spend an hour a week on the website" - Baptise Saugeron, Marketing at EasyRecrue

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We Provide Awesome Services

100% Responsive

Kilimandjaro is a fully responsive template. Its beautiful design performs perfectly on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Seo Friendly

Kilimandjaro is optimized for Google crawlers, which means that you'll benefit from web indexing.


You can personalize Kilimandjaro's colors to your brand through a SINGLE CSS source. To do so you'll find all the instructions (with screenshots) in the documentation.


Kilimandjaro has every module to build your page, but also contains Landing and Thank You pages, Email Templates, Error Messages, Blog, etc.

The added value for you

Complete Independence 

Kilimandjaro gives you the freedom to create and edit your whole website. The flexibility of this template lets you edit each module, and each page giving you the power to modify even the smallest element without going out of your brand. As a bonus :

  • A trendy design
  • Custom-designed templates

Build Autonomosly

Kilimandjaro was conceived for marketing teams with no coding experience. It comes with straight to the point documentation which enables you to edit and modify each page. Nevertheless, if you experience any issues our team is always happy to help!

Save time

With Kilimandjaro you can build an entire site in a couple of weeks (you know what they say: "time equals money").

By purchasing Kilimandjaro, you'll get every future updates of the template for free

Isn't that fantastic?


Enjoy a mighty template constantly evolving

Remain at the cutting edge of innovation

Kilimandjaro is a product that is constantly evolving! The template regularly tracks the different trends and follows the digital development. We are very committed to the different suggestions and feedbacks of our customers regarding bugs, design issues...

  • One of our purpose is to provide you a product with the BEST quality.  
  • Therefore, the design of your website could evolve as time goes on! 

So, ready to be part of the adventure?

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How do I add a new module?

πŸ‘‰ You can add as many modules as you need! STEP #1 - Click on "Add a new module" button on HubSpot's editing mode and choose among all Kilimandjaro's possibilities. For more information, go on our KiliAcademy platform.



How do I edit the content on each module? 

πŸ‘‰ Each text on Kilimandjaro is endlessly editable. STEP #1 - Go to the editing mode and click on the element that you would like to modify.



How can I add more cards?

πŸ‘‰ You can add as many cards as you need inside a specific module by clicking on the "Add" button. After doing so, a new element will immediately appear. 


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Yes. We're constantly updating our template. For example, we're currently working on a multilingual version, and on the integration of the HubDB. If you have any other suggestions, please contact us!

You'll receive an email listing Kilimandjaro's updates and they'll be automatically implemented on your site.

We've built Kilimandjaro to be as flexible as possible, but if you're finding any difficulties, please send us an email with all your requirements. We'll release them on the next update.

Of course! One of our strength is that we offer a per-unit of template option, wihtout any engagement. Therefore you can purchase, one, two, tree or more template, at your convenience!

Kilimanjaro's Price Table

Single template

$30 - 100
  • Buy just one website page's template

Kilimandjaro Pack

  • 51 templates
  • 28 website page
  • 42 custom modules
  • 7 generic template (full flexible)
  • 2 headers
  • Updated and improved monthly